The unnecessary whispers

They’re judging my figure

But I would never consider being embarrassed and bitter

Equally I have wronged

Yet unmasked, I alone

You’d rather clown for the fools who share your shame

& Please understand that I am grateful,

I’m glad I came

Because the love with this Virgo

The bells equally rang

The wedding bells in my ear

Yes, I equally played

However, regardless, teamwork was the theme at the end of the day.

I judge thee not of their perspective or sin

My water muddy as my neighbor

See I have no shame

You my dear, refused to elevate

& For what I prepare to PRO Create

I am the magic wand and you portrayed a king

But a fool you are

You did foolish things

& the magic that I had been

Possessed no such power to cure your sin

So it was best my dear for this journey to end.

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