One day I literally woke up and decided things would be different in my life.

I would no longer allow anything or anyone to make me feel less than because there was more for me.

One day the fog hiding the facade cleared and the Universe shifted.

The Wheel of Fortune cracked another code in the sequence.

I started speaking myself into higher places, positions, experiences, and connections.

I changed my verbiage to alter my narrative.

There IS more.

There IS more.

There is more to intimate relationships.

There is more to communication.

There is more to passion.

There is more to life.

There was more and I was sick of feeling less than.

I needed to dedicate time to increasing my own self awareness, healing, and growing.

The eerie unknown feeling which resonated so heavily within me drove me thousands of miles across the ocean to get back to center.

To restore my sanity and faith, I gathered the pieces of myself, threw them into my suitcase and I dashed out the door to freedom.

At that moment, I woke up and realized I WAS MOORE.

JuJu Moore precisely.

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