I wanna share my Spiritual journey with the world to show how magic life has been.

I am not saying I’m Misses Perfect, I’ve just owned up to my sin.

In the past I was passive, I let the ego in me win.

Until I broke free of the mental prison and the materialistic wins.

I was concerned with the facade, sneaking when I should’ve dodged.

My intuition started getting louder, no more snooze, there was no pause.

I started hearing and feeling my passed Father.

My dreams he started to bother.

Clowning out of the state

Barbie Doll, feeling fake

But the core of my soul was so raw,  I couldn’t play

Myself like I was them

Knowing I was a Diamond

But behaving like a gem

Screaming “I was grown”

All along playing pretend

Until I became the essence of the things that I say

Never denied, just a delay.

I stopped resisted, I decided to pray.

There was nothing Moore, the Universe could say

I had begged many days to take the sorrow away

For the common love affections

He snatched away.

Ignoring my love, just to jag an ego erection.

Only himself he was respecting

My morals we neglecting.

Escaped the karmic hell.

At the airport, retrieved my cell.

Hit his line, “I’m free from jail.”

Upon my landing,

Right into his arms I sadly fell.

Because I was geniunely  happy as hell.

To be free to love in the open.

I shattered my lies, the acts all over.

I released what was no longer serving me

& The path was wide open

Open the flood gates of abundance

That cycle didn’t fade our glow

So delighted to say,

The clown shht we let go.

More and more it’s starting to show

And my cheeks I can’t let go

My Father’s soul is happy to know

That I stopped running from what was mine

Creating karma bad all this time

The word “love” I’ve redefined

& I got it right this time

I’ve transcended to a Queen

He a King, We make a team

We don’t speak on every single thing

But together our dreams are in sync

Signs and the symbols

Aligned to link.

Our flames we have rekindled

Pure intention no need to swindle

But I’m swooned

Soft & gentle

Happiest I’ve ever been

All because I went within

& Sifted everything until I got to the core of Jasmine again.

The End.

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