See this one came off cocky

He exposed his giant cock see

Had four other hands on deck

But I like entertainment

So around the videos I pranced

I live for excitement

So this was spicy

But he was subtly trying me

Offering sex like it was romantic affection

But that’s where I’m confused

See his Brother is my lover

Exposed his private parts

Thinking this was a secret we would share with each other

But low and behold

Wait until he discovers

That even absent from his bed

We still pillow talk

What kinda woman did he think he caught?

I’m a mermaid not a fish

Sorry I passed

But this is a diss

Why did he think he would slam dunk?

But I’m sorry this was a miss.

But he comes from a family of bugs

So when the lights come on in public

I’m sure his roach sized ego will scurry and run

This should be fun.

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