Earth Fire Air

September Twenty Sixteen

I learned what Karma really means

I thought that he was everything

But my feelings noticed things

But for my ego 

I continued to suppress

Staying up late

Missing out on rest 

The constant agony in my chest 

Running from the fear of defeat

Lying on the beach in extreme heat

Reminiscing on the memories

Wondering why he treated me so cold

From the mistreatment feeling old

San Diego 

Turning cold

When deep down I always knew

On a plane I should’ve flew

Back to the love I truly deserved

I was running from my destiny

This toxic love journey was the best for me

Aware of my worth and I declared Moore

Woke up one day and said fck it 

Threw all my pebbles in a bucket

Sea sick 

I up chucked it

Thought I found a piece of gold

But he was a shiny piece of nothing

Stay tuned for more of the story. . . . . . .

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