I remember the day I actually met him

He was dark and handsome

But ugly like a Christmas Sweater

But it’s like I met him before

Knowing damn well I never met him

Like his soul was so familiar to mine

So we were easily connected

From that moment & time.

We became one

Going through so much privately

Publicly speaking none

So many secrets we share between us

There has been a lot of Hell

But equally as much fun, I mean it is us.

But today

Let’s continue to move forward

& Focus on the present

Take those L’s and make a Double V

Accepting the blessings in lessons

So many silly tales they tell

But we laughing behind the scenes

Over Brunch or sometimes Breakfast

Our Leo fire strong

Our moon lit bonfire all alone

Naive to the fact that I been riding all along

Removed everything covering my core

Fully in the naked

I finally feel like I’m at home.

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