My Story

In the past I was so passive.

I would hide how I really felt to shelter the feelings of others.

I would withhold the truth to avoid confrontation.

I would go against my intuition sometimes because I would rather carry the heavy feelings than have others feel it.

Since I released and detached from things which were making feel restricted and controlled; my entire life has changed.

I wouldn’t even say I’m aggressive now.

I would say I am myself.

I am walking, speaking, and living in my truth.

I no longer run from my intuition.

I stopped resisting the presence of the Universe in my life and ever since then, things have truly been abundant.

The emotional satisfaction I’ve been experiencing is beyond my initial expectations.

I was so afraid to face myself.

I was so stuck in my ego and continued to run from who I really was inside.

One day, I woke up and starting speaking louder.

I started speaking my truth, proudly.

I started doing the work, on myself.

I became more aware, confident, and conscious.

I woke up.

As I started to speak from my intuition, I immediately felt the shift.

My intentions became pure.

I became aware of how toxic I was for myself and began to do what I needed to do to heal those wounds, break the cycles, and transcend.

The more things, people, experiences, and traumas I detached from and released; I rose higher and higher.

Sometimes, I literally feel like I’m flying. . . .  on love.

Through love and because of Self Love I reclaimed all of my power.

I stopped holding on to what was no longer serving me and my Highest Good.

I dedicated time to getting to know myself all over.

It had been years since I actually paid attention to who I was, what I liked, what was really hurting me, and what truly made me happy.

I left my facade and floated to my dreams.

Spiritually, I have evolved and stepped into my ultimate power.

I’ve never laughed this much.

I’ve never smiled this hard.

& I’ve never felt love at this intensity until now.

It took my Twenty Seven years to finally be free of the way I was raised, the titles I was attached to, and experiences which solidified my crumbling foundation.

I shattered the image of who I was pretending to be and became who I am today.

I almost lost my life to this dimension until I became Spiritually alive.

I became everything.

I became Moore, overnight.

Jasmine Moore.

The real her.


Break free and be yourself. Today and everyday forward.

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