4:55 PM

Can I dance with you?

Slow wind and put a trance on you?

Just a glance will do.

Right now is my chance

& I oh so demand

That you be my man

Baddest across the land.

Fairyland that is

Higher than the other kids

You know what it is

The pop to his fizz

The tingle in his ears

So excited he scream


Behind him to conquer his fears

Here to wipe his tears

Our destiny is drawing near

Have more faith in us my dear.

Sliding his hand down my waist

Thirsty, wanting a taste

Moving quickly with haste

Respect me and my honorable place.

My temple is guarded

The past we discard it

Things were getting retarded

Retract to where we started

Allowing our cement to harden.

Love for sale

No bargain

Familiar with my jargon

Excuse my pardon

I’m just being honest

No need to modest

You my Sun

Are the hottest

Do you know what the plot is?

I feel love

I mean it

The grass over here is greener

Bond getting meaner

Ego gon missing,

Have you seen her?

Her presence is no Moore

Moore is in store for sure

Providing him my Spiritual cure

Allowing him to take the forbidden tour.

Down a road of no return

His karmic lessons he’s learned

So now Beloved its my turn

Fulfilling all of his desires and all that he yearns.

So burn the bridge

Keeping you from the kid

Break the last twig

Pass this algebra

Master of Trig.

Mask off and I finally know exactly who he is!

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