6:26 PM

August 4th is the day

So now I allow the time to play

Allow all of our insecurities and burdens to fade away

Claiming my position

Well it’s awarded so I’m here to stay.

So I do not apologize for the imposition

Coming to his rescue without permission

Thanking Beloved for everything that I’ve been wishing

Compelled to my abode

Excuse his absence he will be missing.

Wrapped in his arms

Panting and sweating from his charm

Nothing can break down this bond

Weighing the pros with the cons

Of me he’s totally fond

As I sit aside the pond

Removing my under gar-

Mints so fresh

Lips upon my breast

Hands around my neck

Running outta self respect

The closer his body gets.

Under pressure

So a Diamond none the less

Softly I caress

His lightly haired chest

The cotton feeling vest

Covers his mess

He tried to suppress

But none the less

I continue to invest

With my presence I bless

No longer does he resist

This light feeling in his chest.

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