6:56 PM

At first sight I fly,

Off you, I immediately catch a high

& My oh My


I feel so compelled to emotion

Overwhelmed in love

For so many years I’ve been hoping

His heart full with love

Smiling when I think of

How abundance I dreamed

You and only you I lean on.

Emergency contact he is

The future father of all my kids

Afraid to speak in public because I burst into tears

I released my worries

& Let go of all my fears.

You are everything I thought

So for you fought

Heavily in my ego I was catch

Knowing it wasn’t what I want

Fck the world for you

I do not apologize

I can already be so blunt.

So sweet and sour

My ultimate power

Carry me to two

Oh for you anything I’ll do

Magic wand I became

Genie out the bottle

I made my own dreams come true.

I should really start signing

Me me me me

I only want him to shower

Step up to the plate

My turn and I scream louder

Because I’m so grateful for where I’ve been

Ego trippin

The paper I’m rippin

Openly I’m speaking

Because before to please the world for ego

Man, I was tweaking.

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