8:43 PM

I notice we’re not the same

Some things about you

I’m learning will take more time to change

Its like this latch in your brain

You’re having difficulty learning how to train

They continue to leave you standing in the rain

Oh my poor Superman

What about Louise Lane?

You cannot save us all

Some towers you must let fall

To me, you can continue to crawl

But how long do we have to bare this all?

This mental drama

Creating karma

& As your partner

You’re pushing me farther.

I just wanna be closer

To unlocking the free Spirit

My metal detector is beeping

I’m so near it

But discovering

The uncovering

I know it’s smothering

But let me free you.

I so understand

But I can’t be you.

I so empathize

Because the tears in your eyes

I silently use to cry

But now you have me by your side.

Allow me to release

Kiss it all goodbye

Release the leash

Come to the world

You earthly beast

You continue to starve

& I’m offering a feast.

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