Started before I could remember

Always me, she never considered

& So many times I tried to surrender

Excluded when I use to be a member.

As time passed

We went our ways

I remember those grammar school days

Valedictorian, I got the raise

I even tried to give it to her,

But she didn’t deserve the praise.

So many years of toxic events

Wasted years of friendship

Myself I resent

Feeling the vibe, I should’ve been went

So we broke our connection but I knew that wasn’t it.

Walked away when I needed her the most

Ego filled, online she continued to boast

Like a silent lamb, I rode the coast

Knowing the true events that transpired, no need to even post.

In love with the man,

She considers her best friend

So right back to where we began

& I must declare this is the end.

You walked away from my first born

Playing dicks & ladders

It had you torn

You’ve already displayed that loyalty wasn’t your best form

So there is no reconciliation

Our ends will never rejoin.

Because you do not get to choose

Which powers in my life you want to abuse

At this time, your application I shall refuse

When you choose ego and pride

You always fcking lose.

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