I feel like I’m shrinking

Through teary eyes

I’m pridefully blinking.

Through pain I’ve learned pleasure

Valuing the inner treasure

Turning hot just like the desert

Always Moore and not the lesser.

It’s not even up for me to prove

So why yes Sir,

I have a major attitude

At how naively you conclude

That you don’t have much to lose

Stuck on stupid at the tube

I’m not sure what kinda dude.

You actually really are,

Second guessing if you are a star

So close yet so far from the bar

Here in Spirit but physically so far.

Yee of little faith,

Me oh baby take

Insecurity I continue to break

Humbly authentic, nothing on me fake.

So how we do grow?

Constantly begging for a show

Every chance you blow

At this point should I go?

Carrying this child

Has me feeling wild

Size 7 across the tile

Adding your shht to the pile.

Man don’t even get me started

Dearly and lovely departed

Sick as the concrete hardens

Hope slipping away and I’m being honest.

I’m feeling like I should run

Load it and pull the trigger on the gun

& End this race

Steadily moving at a pentacles pace

Hiding my heartbroken face

Silently tryna place.

My decisions

Relaying on my intuition

On if this really is worth winning

Quickly you make me forget the days of grinning.

Incompetent to say the least

Inconsiderate ass beast

So as I speak my peace

I hope I can unleash

Enough emotion

To have you heavily open

I apologize for hard the coping

No longer hand holding and ego stroking.

I thought I could be his bride

Married to his pride

No longer playing the side

Call my homie for a ride.

Back home I’ll move,

& Fck you if you consider this rude.

But dude,

I’m wasting valuable time

Teaching a Knight the place of a King

Declining to rock your ring

Choosing coal over bling.

Fck the fame

Socially blamed

Wildly tamed

I hope you don’t treat our daughter the same.

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