Bee Moore Babies

Pregnancy Update for 3/1/2019

Written on 3/2/2019

Week 9

Since my last check in a lot of things have changed.

I am no longer itching to death from Hives. They have gone away and I am now dealing with the dry skin patches left behind. I would say I have about 50 little polka dot sized spots from the back of my neck to my knees.

From blood work, my Vitamin D was lower than average and I’ve been prescribed Vitamin D pills to take daily for 60 days. I immediately felt the increase in energy after taking the first one. I am starting to feel a little more like myself. However, walking through the mall for 30 minutes still feels like I ran a marathon.

From blood work, it has been confirmed that I am pregnant with TWINS. Blood work has also confirmed the chromosomes of the baby and I will keep the gender under wraps until a later update. (Smile)

I am technically, 9 weeks but since I am having Twins, I will be delivering the twins via C section during week 37 or 38 per the doctors order. This is very common and at first I was afraid due to my first experience but my emotional and physical support system has created a sheet of comfort.

I am due to graduate with my MBA in Human Resources Management on August 4th, 2019 but depending on how heavy my stomach is, I will miss the ceremony. I already feel like I’m carrying about 5 pounds in the front already and they are only the size of blueberries lol.

I want to publicly express how supportive the Father of my children has been. He has been here every time I call and is providing the strength I need to get through this. He has been my best friend and a shoulder to scream and cry on when needed. He has catered to all of my cravings and stood firm in the storm of mood swings. Our love continues to grow with my belly. I am truly in love with you Sir and I am honored to carry your children.

I just want to express how much I appreciate him to the world because I would be an emotional wreck without his love and encouragement.

Thank you!

Twins are truly a gift from Beloved and I continue to express how I feel Chosen. My Spiritual journey has taken a drastic turn and none of this was in my plans but they say that life is full of surprises. This pregnancy was a surprise and Twins doubled that element. I am pleasantly surprised at how Beloved is leading the way to abundance for me.

Beloved, I am ready for this journey and I ask for everyone to keep us in your prayers. I am anticipating delivering my healthy – beautiful bundles of joy during Virgo season. Their father is a Virgo and my Venus is in Virgo.

Since I stopped trying to control my destiny, the Universe has swept me off of my feet.

I am absolutely flying on love.

Until next update.


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