The Moore Experience: Pregnancy

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and I’ve been reflecting on the past few weeks and comparing it to my first pregnancy with my first daughter, six years ago.

I was 21 years old, enrolled in six classes, working a PT and FT job. My life was fully booked and I didn’t really get to fully bask in the journey of pregnancy. I wasn’t able to dedicate the time I would’ve liked to fully bonding with my baby and learning about my body during this time.

This time around, I am 27 years old and my life circumstances are all totally different; leaving me enough time, space, and energy to indulge in the experience. Each pregnancy is different and this one of the two has been way more intense; emotionally and physically.

I delivered my first daughter via c-section and I received an epidural. She was 6 days late and doctor intervention is the reason I was forced to have a c-section. This pregnancy, I am so much more aware of my body and am aiming to deliver vaginally.

I’ve learned overtime the benefits of living a more holistic lifestyle and relying on herbal and home remedies to cure illnesses and pain. I stopped taking aspirin in 2013 and started doing yoga and eating healthier to increase my wellness.

I am planning to carry this baby until whatever date I go into labor, as long as she passes stress test and it doesn’t become a health risk to either one of us. Through this pregnancy experience I’ve learned my body and know more about it than doctors. I am following my feelings and allowing natural child birth to happen for how many days it needs to.

Even though she wasn’t planned, I am ready to bring another spirit into this dimension. Motherhood has been the best chapter of my womanhood. Bonding and nurturing another human is an experience unlike any other and I am eager to meet her.

I am exactly where I should be and this blessing has only brought me to my greatest sense of awareness. My intimate relationships have grown and the amount of love and support is so appreciated. I am getting everything I desire this pregnancy and know there is so much Moore in store for my family and I.

18 weeks to go before I meet my newest addition to our family. LJK, we are eager and excited to meet and love on you! See you in a few months.

6 thoughts on “The Moore Experience: Pregnancy

  1. Congratulations! My girls are seventeen years apart. I told the older that there would be differences in upbringing. Each one has amazing qualities to be savored. I wish you an amazing journey.

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  2. Beautiful. Get that yoga ball lol and if your planning on nursing start looking for shakes. They legitimately have saved my life. I use boobiebar shakes. They’re plant based. I delivered both my daughters naturally. They are 11 years apart my youngest is 2 months. Same as you my with first daughter I didn’t have time to really enjoy the pregnancy I was working full time til the day I had her. This one was way harder. From delivery to nursing to missing out on opportunities like school and such. Sounds like you are really open to learning from this new experience and I’m excited to hear about it. I hope you continue to blog about it.

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    1. Yes! Thank you so much for your feedback and I absolutely plan on blogging about this experience throughout the remaining months!

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