True Love

I cannot explain or change

The process of how my brain

Continues to frame your name

Across my window pane.

Eyes glistening

My heart closely listens

Feigning for his fixing

As our Spiritual time clock is tickin’

Are you ready?

Or are you a chicken?

Afraid of the mass

Oh baby have some class

Before we take off with a blast

Release all of our hard emotions

Free the past

To run up our cash

Add value to our dash

Reach our finish line at last.

Gym shoe

Favorite color Blue

Blew me away and up in the air I flew.

Bless you,

No choo

My favorite ringtone I designated to you

& Oh how I was blew

Because you allowed me to flee

I flew away

But to this day

Thankful for the times I prayed.

To shatter my facade

Was sick of acting odd

No longer resisting my heart

& Baby you make that so hard.

So please, take my card

Pile up the charge

Do you see our mirage?

But they say that dreams come true

Checked off the list

One day I just knew.

So I packed my bags and ran

Fronting on you,

I was never a fan

The King you are

The Man

I want you forever and I won’t pretend.

One thought on “True Love

  1. I love that this begins in such an upbeat manner with expressions of love and hope, then that decision to do something about it. A really great poem, great to read. As they say, go for it 🙂 🙂


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