Moore Intuition

Intuitively speaking. . . . . . .

I feel we are all transforming. Whether we are:

  • Ending old cycles and starting new ones.
  • Embarking on new journeys.
  • Healing from current, past, or childhood trauma.
  • Activating Hermit mode to do some inner work.
  • Relocating.
  • Releasing toxic behaviors and relationships.
  • Entering a completely different phase in our lives.
  • Pregnant or attempting to become.
  • Changing careers or majors.

Wherever you are in your journey, however difficult the challenges, I send you strength and encouragement to see the beauty through the temporary pain, disappointment, and or heartache.

Transformation is all about change and for some of us, this can make us very uncomfortable and that’s okay. Allow that feeling to be the force to push you to the next step in your process.

We must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable because we are uncovering new territory and entering a season of unknown lessons, blessings, and abundance.

Fear is an illusion and is a form of self deception. You are powerful enough. You are strong enough. You are worthy of whatever the transformation!

Sending peace, love, strength, and light on whatever journey this season brings.

Happy transforming!

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