The Moore Experience: Third Trimester

I am officially in my last trimester and I must say, I am exhausted but elated!

Soon I will be able to hold the newest addition to my family. This experience has created a greater sense of self awareness and strength that I am forever grateful for. I was placed in a space where my Root and Sacral Chakra were tested and I must say, it has been an intense experience.

All of the illusions I created were shattered.

All of the energies I no longer needed or saw fit for the next chapter in my life were removed.

I was able to heal from childhood trauma and allow my inner child to get the nurturing she deserved.

I was able to become more centered, grounded, alive, and humble through these past 8 months.

As this journey comes to close, I am so proud of myself for being able to use all of my resources wisely to remain secure. If you’ve ever been blessed to carry a child then you know how much pressure the Universe places upon you to encourage you to grow beyond limits which do not exist.

I want to thank all of my followers and readers for being so understanding and sending words of encouragement during this time. I didn’t have the physical strength to be as active as I would’ve liked but I have so much content I plan to release after I get home from the hospital.

I am so grateful to be in a space of learning and growing. The physical and emotional transformation that I’ve experienced this pregnancy has forever changed my perception on how abundant life can truly be. Through all obstacles and challenges, I remained authentic and optimistic.

If it wasn’t for the faith I have in the Universe, I would’ve broken at times when I was so weak.

Again, thank you all for consistently being understanding and appreciating the content that was available to you, when I was absent.

To you all I send peace & love during this season.


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