The Moore Experience: Spirituality

Experience from Tuesday, September 3, 2019 to September 5, 2019.

I never really paid attention to the time prior to my Spiritual Journey. I always felt aligned with the natural rise and fall of the Sun and Moon, so there was no need for the focus on time. Energetically, I trained my body to mirror my schedule. I woke up early enough to complete my morning routine and was always early for whatever experience started my day.

I’ve been on this Spiritual Journey for two years now and numbers are way more significant. The symbolism behind time has become so important. Angel Numbers have been presenting themselves to me, mostly through time, and I have become way more aware of what I am experiencing in my everyday Human experience. I feel more aligned with my higher self and that’s because I honor my intuition first. I feel so powerful everyday knowing that faith has brought me so far. Allowing myself to follow my intuition has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I simply changed my internal energy and my external reality changed.

Two days ago was my first day riding public transportation in a while and the entire experience was different. That morning when I woke up, I felt an intense feeling of freedom. I felt transformed. I could hear my inner guidance loud and clear and could not deny it’s direction. I had the urge to specifically ride this one bus; the 115. I couldn’t explain why but that’s the first thought that crossed my mind after waking up. So I decided to catch that bus. Once I got on the bus, the bus number was 511. When I took my seat it was 2:47 PM. I felt an intense surge of energy fill my body as I noticed each synchronicity.

Now if you aren’t familiar with or do not practice Spirituality, you may be wondering why all of this was so powerful and significant. Well, Angel Numbers are signs and message from the Universe and Angels to help guide us on our Spiritual Journey and help us remain aligned.

My mind was blown once I realized what it all meant.

Angel Number 115 represents, Karmic change. In my personal weekly reading I do on Sunday of each week, the Justice card was the focus energy for the day. Justice in the traditional Tarot represents Karmic or Legal Justice. Angel Number 511 represents auspicious changes and new beginnings. Angel number 247 is a sign that you are on the right path and now is the time to have faith and believe.

I felt confident, grateful, and joyful the entire day. I could feel an energetic shift happening and I did not resist. Once I started connecting all of the other experiences of the day, I realized how much of the past was being released for this new beginning to flow into my life. I openly claimed it and felt as if I was jumping off the cliff and into the arms of the Universe.

I encourage you to allow your day to flow as it should and genuinely honor your intuition. The power to change our lives is within us and only projects outward when we are authentic and clear in our intentions.

Spend some time today feeling powerful because you are.

Everything is a sign and there is a sign in everything.

You just have to be aligned.

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