New Moon In Libra

Oh dear, allow me to be clear.

I can genuinely say I have no fear.

As the finish line appears in the distance,

I just want you to come near.

Your energy is so intense,

Your mysterious demeanor,

Creates this immense suspense,

Overcoming all obstacles, jumping over the fence,

I’ve finally learned to relax & not be so tense.

As this cycle comes to close,

Recounting all of the roads I chose,

No longer allowing other people to impose,

Like the sun in the sky, I rose.

To the occasion, why would I miss?

Open to any form of abundance, no longer would I resist.

Double and triple checking my list,

Our bond is solid, like the grip of a fist.

So let’s secure what we’ve become,

Turned my family of 2 into home of 4,

Asking Beloved to please give me some more,

Appreciating my wins, no need to continue to keep a score.

< image credit: Silhouette Photography by Sebastian/ >

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