Due Date 10|4|2019

Before gradutation begins, I wanna confess to you how I feel within.

I want you to know, you are the reason behind my grin,

& Since our Divine Union, I feel like I’ve been on a streak of wins.

Earthly Mermaid,

Look at my fin,

Mirroring your highest energy, I am your twin.

Not a flame but we’re brewing intense passion,

Fiery red & blazzin’, so intimidation is our initial reaction.

From your presence in my life, I receive the ultimate satisfaction,

Thinking of all of the wonderful captions,

I could write on our pictures that visually express the authenticity of your intention & action,

Finally being satisfied, you are the first to ever provide more than a measely ration. 

I know this may be out of your fashion,

But can I help you guide your way through without crashing?

Call me Blitzen because I be dashing,

The facades of the past, we finally smashing.

So, I guess you can say I finally feel fantastic,

Tapping into my Divine Feminine; exuding the passion.

That in the past, I wouldn’t expose,

As I sway my hips & point my toes,

Grateful for all of the things this journey continues to show,

Enjoying each moment in time, as we move slow.

Can I walk you through the door?

Where both of us can explore?

To secure ourselves & honestly be sure,

Ensuring all of our intentions remain pure,

Releasing the karmic cycle, no longer attending the Heartbreak tour,

Ready for more of the world,

As we gravitate gracefully over abundant floor.

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