6:33 AM

It’s not my fault I didn’t know but nobody told me.

Instead of using the opportunity to make me wise, you wanna scold me?

Why must you be so timid? Don’t you wanna hold me?

Intimidated? Don’t be, come on and unfold me.

Explore the root and my foundation,

I need your full cooperation,

I appreciate you for being so patient,

But I see the beauty in the intensity of our situation.

Idiosyncratic compared to any of your past lovers,

But baby wait until you discover,

The elements you have yet to uncover,

You wouldn’t even ever dream or wonder,

Bold and intense like the lightening and thunder.

When I feel heavy,

I tend to slumber,

Sometimes you make me feel heavy under,

No longer bubbly, the butterflies don’t flutter,

Disappointed, I quietly mutter,

At the utter disrespect,

Myself I had to check,

No longer can I let,

Myself pretend that I can wait,

I allow myself to fall into fate.

Riding the waves of the wind,

Joyfully, I twist & spin,

Whether you decide to stay out or stay in,

Get use to this sly grin.

That I wear in the open,

Romantically hoping,

You continue to evolve,

As your massive ego dissolves,

Around myself the world revolves,

All for me or nothing at all.

< Image credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MusterDesigns?ref=l2-about-shopname >

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