6:44 AM

If you see me cry in public,

Think nothing of it,

I’m just emotionally responding to something,

That has me completely upset or elated,

Depends completely on the situation.

I could be heartbroken or on the brink of celebration,

It could also be a random occasion.

Sometimes I just have a lot on my mind,

So during my outside time,

I use the precious time of mine,

To allow the rain to flow and then the sun can shine,

Even through the tears, I’m trying.

To learn to show how real experiences feel,

And that it’s okay to be forreal,

That we sometimes end up in this heavy ordeal,

With ourselves where we kept it so real.

Speaking from the heart without fear,

Tasting the salt within the tear,

Emotionally distant but physically here,

After I free myself from the storm,

I open my arms and embrace the scene as the clouds clear.

Image credit: < https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/582437866/queen-diva-silhouettes-woman-nubian >

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