I cannot allow you to cross the line,

I’ve emotionally tortured myself too many times,

No longer shall I fuss and no longer shall I whine,

I’m fine.

I’m fine because this is what I chose,

No need to further expose,

The ashes of the experiences that I thought rose,

But it all goes to show,

That it’s best to let go.

It was bound to happen like this,

I felt it in our recent kiss,

I don’t even know what I would truly miss,

Promised we would not walk down that aisle again,

So I remove myself; class dismissed.

We already did this,

No cards in the deck,

No new fish,

No longer can I hope and wish,

So I liberate myself and the rest I allow to hiss.

Away in the wind,

Beloved forgive me for my sin,

Because I held so much within,

This is the year I win.

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