Moon in Aries

Do you see who I really am?

Can I not pretend to blend with trends that feel heavy and worry me like sin?

Oh how big the grin that curves above my chin,

Gyrate and wiggle my fin.

I decided to go within,

Appreciate the powerful blow behind the wind,

Old relationships I am open to mend,

But for some I decided should remain at the end.

So familiar like kin,

The experience I am is rated a 10 out of 10,

Just like you customize a Sim,

The Baddest Queen like Kim,

You just might sink if you can’t swim.

I just want to be treated fair,

To be treated like you always care,

To feel the love behind your stare,

As you run your fingers through my hair,

From the sun you see the glare,

Of my nice brown almond pair.

Of round, big ole’ eyes,

Spiritual, so it’s no surprise,

Known to often hypnotize.

How heavy they despise,

Loving the element of surprise,

As happy tears fall from my eyes,

Conquered every obstacle placed before me,

Grateful and thankful to still be alive.

Now that my vision is wide,

I stand firm in my pride,

Got Beloved on my side,

Now I can finally enjoy the ride.

Grateful for all the tears I cried,

In him, I only confide,

Call him my Mr.,

I already know I am his bride.