The ReAwakening


Jupiter Day

Can I get to know the real you?
The ugly truth, what makes you truly beautiful,
I hope the lack of judgement is mutual

B/c I’d like to express,
All the heavy things I’ve learned to suppress,
With you, I feel lighter so let me release this stress,
That continues to bulge through my back dress,
Allow me to decompress,
Can I be direct?

I don’t wanna guess,
Speak it loudly but no need to confess,
For everything you don’t say I’ve already had the pleasure to intuitively suspect

& I’m not even upset,
The underlying reason behind your stagnation , I honestly do get.
But do you see the radiance and revelation behind my intent?
Can I have your verbal consent?
I hope me, you never resent,
My cup of love I’d love to present,
But only if you would’ve said everything you meant.

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