Divine Angel 7

Taken 6/20/2020

I would like to reintroduce who I am,

For those of you are who are new.

I know my reputation precedes me,

& Please believe there is so much lie within their truth.

But to honor my power,

I remain silent.

I resort to solitude,

While they become violent.

While they increase their volume,

I become incredibly quiet.

Dedicating more time to self-care & paying attention to my diet.

It was time to surrender & no longer could I fight it.

So, I prepare my elegant attire,

Packing my essentials & lighting a fire,

To burn the candles of my desire,

As Beloved calls me higher,

Putting to use, my hidden spare tire,

That I keep for emergency purposes when my heart begins to tire.

On a daily I get higher,

So intense, they see my fire,

Igniting their sexual desire,

But now so much more I require.

& Anyone who truly values my treasure,

Beyond my physical desire,

Intellectually, I desire Moore.


I am more than a knight of weekends,

& My erotic dancing!

I am experienced & fancy!

From the hood but I am classy.

Rose through the Land where no one can see me.

But there, the flower continues to grow under the pressure.

Do not ever second guess her,

Not intimidated by my coward oppressor,

Do not press her.

Any more than she asks,

Warm tea in a wine glass,

I am scorching hot,

So, do not drink me too fast.

Finally, at last,

I am at the front of the line,

The dust from my past,

Can no longer cover my shine,

Prepared, passionate, & persistent,

Serious as hell but I am kind,

I just want to thank Beloved openly, again,

For this season is mine.

Thank you.

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