Before I transition the content on my blog

There are some things I would like to express

These statements make shake the table

But now, I feel that may be what’s best.

I would like to ask

Those who make it their business

To condemn others because of the past

Do you honestly get a blast?

Of embarrassing others & getting a laugh?

Do you want to stay on this karmic path?

I am honestly a little confused at how fast,

We place the judgement on those,

Who love and chose,

Those who do so well at impersonating royal roles,

I mean, in naive have you never chose?

I am not here to point the finger,

Because I deserve the other 3,

But minding your own business seems not like a possibility.

Because some of y’all won’t let me be,

The B I try not to be,

From the past I chose to break free,

But to everyone who thinks they know me,

I guarantee you can’t even foresee,

How in-just it had to be,

For me to finally love me,

Stepping into the possiblity,

Of peace & tranquility,

Being wise & basking in humility,

I try not to use my weapon,

But don’t ever disrespect my psychic ability.

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