𝕃et 𝔼verything 𝕆ut

August is the eighth month of the year.

We celebrate the energy of Leo and at the end of the month, Virgo.

The number eight is a power number.

Eight represents:

Spiritual Power

Releasing & Letting go

Hard work


August is the month to:

  • Come into Spiritual power.
  • Indulge in rituals and routines that activate your Solar Plexus chakra as you move through this bold Leo energy.
  • Organize our “end of the year vision” to prepare to be of service to others in the upcoming season of Virgo.
  • Release and walk away from the past, people, places, positions, perspectives, and principles which no longer align with who you are.

Moore Guidance:

Over the next two weeks, boldly walk through each energetic opportunity secure in who you are!

The more authentic you are this season, the more abundant your harvest will be in Fall. 

Stand up for yourself, honor your new values, allow no one to violate your boundaries, and be whoever you are without fear of judgement or rejection. 

Do not participate in self deception.

Pour more into yourself this season as vitality is the source. 

Let go of the heaviness and karmic lessons lingering from the cycles that have finally come to completion.

Release whatever heaviness, disappointment, and feeling of insecurity keeping you from shining as boldly as the days Sun.

My Spiritual Advice:

Sungaze or Sunbath under this courageous, vitalizing, joyful, and intense energy to replenish your Spirit for your next experience.

Indulge in self care and grounding exercise.

I wish you the best as you manifest energetic opportunities that expand your Spiritual body and experience over these last two weeks of Leo.

As above, so below. 

All is well.

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