A Moore Story: #1

I closed my eyes and instantly felt chills run down my spine.

The warm feeling of my bedroom now felt like the crisp breeze on an early October morning. 

I took three deep breaths to keep myself grounded because at times, I levitated. 

As the hairs on the back of my neck began to rest, I couldn’t stop the light tremble in my hands.

My adrenaline started to rush and I could hear everything around me.

I was fully connected to my Higher Self and the yellow lights now shining so brightly upon my closed eyes confirmed this.

I began to slowly move around in circles and hear a soft whisper calling me to clear my mind.

I saw myself cross the threshold into my Spiritual abyss where all was revealed.

From a meditative state, I saw my Spirit shift into the air as I transformed into a beautiful fairy.

Blue and white dotted wings slowly merged from my back painlessly as my body shrunk into miniature size.

I giggled and flew higher and higher as my voice started to squeak with each ascension.

Admiring the vision of my physical temple still drift further away, I slipped through the roof and was instantly thrown into a deep blue sea of bubbles.

As I submerged into the emerald colored space, the bubbles tickled my fancy and I couldn’t deny how much joy rang from my now high pitch voice.

From a fairy to a mermaid, I swam deeper until I found the treasure chest.

Wings shifting into gills, tiny feet into fins, and my braided bun now flowing so elegantly down my pink tail; I received everything I needed without asking.

The closer I got to the gold, the louder my heartbeat in my ears.

Triggering my fears of drowning, of being lost, and of not finding anything valuable after coming this far; I gulped hard and pushed past the rush.

I swam faster against my insecurities and reached for the chest, which became a ground once I touched it.

Now on my two feet in the wild, I could only see my lime green painted toes covered in dirt.

Only focused on my feet, I was walking by faith for I saw nothing else but my stability.

The experiences before and behind me were hidden and my internal guidance compelled me to just keep walking because all was well.

With nothing else in sight, I heard wind chimes faintly singing my name.

The voice was so loving and made me feel so excited to finally reach my next destination.

Inspired to walk with more grace knowing I was being protected, even without ever seeing it, I knew I was chosen.

That someone, something, some source of energy, somewhere was following me the entire time ensuring my safety and persistence through every battle I fought.

Distracted by my thoughts, I slipped into a sinkhole right before the finish line.

I heard a crowd scream “awww” in disappointment as I had come so far and lost sight of the objective.

Falling into a chair chained by the feet and with dirty hands behind my back, the transparent blindfold confused me.

I was able to see right through but held bound at the same damn time.

No voice to shout for help, low energy from the journey to here; I called upon my higher self and like that, she appeared!

Laughing so freely as if this was all a game to her.

See it was.

She knew all along I would end up here.

This was an intervention.

She knew I needed her.

She wanted to see if I had the courage to call upon her and ask.

She kissed my forehead and untied me as we walked back into the classroom, hosting all of my peers who were too learning to honor their intuition. 

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