Homeschool Life


Standing firm in my decision to homeschool my children goes against a lot of family traditions and beliefs.

I believe education should be at our pace, personalized for our unique abilities, and in a safe space.

I believe in e-learning and virtual assistance.

This decision was difficult because of the ego and lifestyle changes I needed to make.

I have my BS in Elementary Education but sought against the career due to the conditions of the system.

The hinderance on my creative teaching style turned me off each time I thought about it.

Months have passed since this change so here are a few things I’d like to share for those considering or are at the beginning of the journey:

⁃ Know what you believe about education so when you make your decision you are secure. Everyone will have an opinion.

⁃ Prepare to lose sleep for a few days due to anxiety related to destructing the tradition of education. Your thoughts about your personal sacrifices will be loud.

⁃ Create schedules around your familial life and the comfort of your child’s learning style.

⁃ Educate yourself on state laws and regulations.

⁃ Ask your child how they would like to learn (on the laptop, with books, outside, etc)

⁃ Lean on your governmental and local resources if need be because they do exist!

⁃ Research free resources, join social media groups with other parents like yourself, and align with one person locally who can be your emotional support.

⁃ Take days off whenever you need. Learning is not all book work and it doesn’t have to be daily instruction.

⁃ Use every day tasks and experiences to educate your child on self sufficiency.

⁃ Include Spiritual routines and activities your children like to diversify your days.

⁃ Do not invest in school supplies you will not use!

⁃ Donate your old uniforms to the school (after washing) or an organization who can benefit from them.

⁃ Speak with your child about this decision and explain the benefits.

⁃ Self care routines prior to starting lessons can help cultivate more personal development.

⁃ A lot of mental health days in the beginning for you both!

⁃ Use local school calendars to honor rest days for yourself. Use these days to allow your children to be social, explore their city with you, and family trips!

⁃ Focus on what your child needs and not satisfying curriculum. Homeschool leaves a lot of time and attention to really develop the skills of your children. Don’t move too fast past a concept until your children can demonstrate they are secure.

⁃ Pop quizzes, test days, and short days exist!

⁃ Be the teacher your children need and not the one you want to be.

⁃ Nap time is an activity!

⁃ Journal or write after each day to help track the progression of your experience.

I hope these tips help you make the right decisions for yourself and your family!

Pictured is my oldest daughter, Iyana and myself.

Photographer: Steven LeFlore

To book a session with him, please follow the link below.

Orisha Sevyn

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