Men Behind Miss Moore

Hi beautiful!

I’ve spoken about the women and Divine Feminine energies in my life since the beginning of blogging.

Today, I’d like to shift my attention to men and the Divine Masculine energies in my life.

I write this post in hopes to show the world how powerful black men are in their role behind black women.

First, I want to show my gratitude for all of my Divine Masculine great grandfathers, grandfathers, my father, uncles, cousins, and friends whom have transitioned before me. I only hope you have a clear view of the work I’m doing down here for the generations to follow me.

Rest peacefully!

I’ll start at the beginning of the zodiac and work my way through appreciation to the last.


To Derrick Funches, my stepfather. Thank you so much for being as passionate, sensitive, Masculine, and the boss energy I needed so young. For stepping in where my father could not be present and teaching me to be self sufficient. I love you for the name “Black Magic” and all the memories we created since 10.


To my baby brother, King Hood. I love you for being who you’ve always been. Your Masculine yet sensitive demeanor is what makes you so charming. I love hearing your voice ring from my speakers because I believe you are a star. Bigger than the one you think you are!

To my generous and thoughtful Uncle Julius Glispie. Thank you for the gifts given, words of wisdom, and defense taken on my behalf. I’ve always felt safe speaking from my heart with you. From high artistic intelligence to your sensitive grace, I love you.


To my Big Brother, Gerald Jackson. Thank you for protecting, guiding, and believing in me since I was 16! I know you thought I wasn’t listening back in the day but I was. I am happy we are still aligned so you can bask in the appreciation I plan to give you for all you’ve done for my children and I. Your nurturing and generous ways continue to show me the love I deserve from a man just because. I love you to San Diego and back lol cuz that’s the first place we going on me.


To a man I cannot seem exist without, LeDarrius Kincaid. Thank you for standing behind, aside, and near me always through life since we met at 15. Our relationship has shifted through many dynamics and our present is my favorite. Thank you for all we’ve done and for the beautiful humans we’ve created together. Through childhood, loss, and our personal successes, there isn’t anyone better who can handle my sh*t like you. I love you. Here’s to 3!


To my first brother – son, Derion Funches. Thank you for physically helping me recoup through each phase of life. For protecting my secrets and allowing me to spill my heart out. The age difference only brought us closer and the experiences we share only makes my heart grow fonder for you. Thank you for being uniquely designed; courageously! As you mature into a man who I can no longer see you as my baby boy. Talk about a real boy best friend.


To my man behind my music, my uncle Andre Foster! Thank you for always being my secret weapon of force. For the intellectual resilience you’ve fought through and your testimony! I remember traveling the city and even going to college with you to see who you really were and I’ve admired you ever since. Thank you for allowing me to be the animal you claim. I love you!


To my first child’s father, Develle Ward. Thank you for all of the fun we’ve had over the years learning and growing as parents. From toxic and immature to coparenting in laughter; I love you because you’ve always been a safe space for me to express myself. Amid all the bullsh*t, if there ever is a need, I know who I can call.

To the men behind Miss Moore, thank you for your love and emotional support. I love you all.

Orisha Sevyn

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