New Service Alert: Orisha Sevyn Significant Change

Hi beautiful,

The Bee Line grants you unlimited text message access to Orisha Sevyn for Moore of what you need through virtual tools, audio recordings, and e-mail only for three months.

Whether you need an energy reading, consultation, emotional relief, Spiritual guidance, business advice, creative inspiration, professional resources, customer service support, or a tarot lesson; I have Moore of what you need.

The investment is $100 plus taxes.

Please use the link below to invest.


The Bee Line

Three months of text message access, audio recordings, and email assistance. No phone calls or FTs for this service. ***Please allow up to 4 to 7 days for a response to your request or inquiry. One of Sevyn’s Members can transfer their investment to this service. You only have to submit one investment and you are covered for three months. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision.


You will gain access from March 1st to June 1st, 2022.

One of Sevyn’s Members you have options to consider:

◦ I can refund your investment and you can return when I reopen enrollment in July 2022.

◦ You can transfer your investment to this service and maintain text, audio recording, and intimate assistance from me. From the dates of March 1st to June 1st I will not be performing any virtual, FT, or phone call sessions. This decision is due to my health and Spiritual ascension.

◦ If you were under a Barter for your membership you will maintain access to me over this time for free.

Please e-mail me, comment on this blog post, or connect with me on social media regarding your decision.

Wish me well during this time as it is designed so I can focus on my practices and develop the next phases of my Spiritual journey.

Communicate your decision to me via:


Social Media: FB & Twitter: orishasevyn

Or down below on this blog.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Orisha Sevyn

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