Moore About Pisces Season

Pisces season means major soul work and closing of generational cycles.

Pisces season encourages you to let go, trust your intuition, daydream, and stay home to heal.

If you have trust issues then this season may be challenging because all you have truly is Spirit and water!

When you think of Pisces think of two aspects of your life swimming into each other aligned in the same direction.

This is not the time for schedules.

Pisces wants to go with the flow and feel connected to what it’s doing.

Emotionally intense and passive; Pisces wants you to know that what you feel is correct.

In this season eat lighter, detox from harsh products, and indulge in water.

To keep your vibration high start a dream journal while playing your favorite soft sounds.

Delusion, obsession, and illusion are bound to influence your behavior under any Pisces season but with proper grounding you won’t sabotage yourself.

Father Neptune is a chaotic mf and wants you to react in the most erratic way.

I encourage you to connect to your heart and allow yourself some time to gain perspective first.

The throat and root chakras will be the most insecure so monitor your finances, go connect with nature, and listen to your intuitive guidance.

It is easy to get emotionally carried away and impulsive due to how sensitive this season makes us all.

Use your thinking chair daily!

Knowing all in this season comes natural but revealing it is for another time.

Surrender your ego because Pisces season will push you toward new through old uncomfortable circumstances.

As this is the final chapter of the Astrological year, I wish you more healing, imagination, and intuition.

Orisha Sevyn

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