I Can Give You What You Need.

Hi there beautiful!

I hope you’ve been well because I am feeling amazing and would love to check in with some Spirituali-Tea.

Have you been experiencing vivid dreams, deep knowing, aligning with 4:47, or feeling your ancestors or passed on loved ones calling out to you?

Welcome to the thick of Pisces season where it gets real lucid and auspicious.

The destruction of the old perspective is always ugly but bears such beautiful results.

Fear nothing as there are a ton of signs and synchronicities calling out to either warn or inform you of what you should focus on.

Time and money management keep you from flying off into the confusion and delusion that this magnetic energy brings.

Self care and self love will help you not feel alone.

Feeling off? Conflicted? Weary? I promise within the next 17 days you’ll feel a completely different way but let’s get you connected with some clarity!

I am now open for e-mail and audio only Moore Inner G Readings. Expect a 4 to 7 delivery day window for your reading. The investment for e-mail or audio format is $55.55 plus taxes. Invest below. I will reach out within 24 hours to 48 hours to confirm your delivery date.

If you’d like to learn to read energy for yourself, I got you there also!

For a limited time only gain access to my free Master O Tarot course.


Didn’t I tell you I got Moore of what you need?

Talk to you later!

Orisha Sevyn

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