Show Me Moore Outside

Look we all have to start doing our part!

I have devoted myself to connecting to nature Moore and removing my complaints about how things look in my neighborhood and community.

I was doing too much talking and my anxiety was starting to rise.

So I told myself to shut the f*ck up and go outside!

Every other day for the past week before 9am, I go sweep the stairs, remove garbage from the yard, and then pour water on the porch.

This of course is after I finish my sunrise routine and sun gazing.

I have an elderly neighbor who I haven’t seen in a while so I showed some humanity and cleaned his yard as well.

Why? All of his trash would continue to blow into my yard. Duh!

The pouring of water is a real Spiritual ritual I’ve seen passed loved ones practice.

I used a mop bucket, which I cleaned first, and filled it with lukewarm water.

As I poured the water on the stairs, I spoke words of protection, serenity, and love over all who come and go.

There’s Moore to this process but that’s for another day.

From this nature and community service I feel so alive and connected to the world.

I see how healing, inspiring, and grounding nature work is.

Two to three hours of my morning is dedicated to shutting the f*ck up and going outside to do some real Spiritual work.

So today I challenge you to shut your trap and move your back!

I hope with this Virgo full Moon energy you become Moore grounded and active in the collective mission of service.

Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Show Me Moore! 😘

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