Becoming Moore of Your Inner Child

Healing childhood wounds and trauma requires a lot of transparency about your experiences, habits, and environments growing up.

Examining your family dynamic, academic background, traditions, generational illnesses or addictions, and all things that you’ve engaged in during your early formative years will help you transform and develop through your insecurities.

You must identify the characteristics of your energy as a child. Were you active? Involved in sports? Into cartoons? Traveling with parents? Sensitive? Emotional? Withdrawn? Enrolled in extracurricular activities or hobbies?

What did your daily routines consist of? Did you have chores? Did you emotionally bond with your parents? Hell, did you even trust or converse with your parents? What did privacy look like then? Did you feel safe at home?

What happened to you during the most precious years of your life to guide you to your present faith, health, spirituality, and development?

Sensitivity, transparency, honesty, and creativity are your superpowers.

Shadow work when it comes to the inner child is working through heavier energies like; humiliation, shame, abandonment, poisoned confidence, over sexualization, sneaking, teasing, people pleasing, embarrassment, and bullying.

As an adult, do you find these themes still plaguing your experiences of love and friendship?

If so, I would encourage you to explore these experiences and write about how you’ve been emotionally hindered or triumphant compared to your childhood.

To be Moore child like is to not be so serious and move away from feeling so responsible; even if you were in this role as a child. Remove all expectations and fully engage in the present moment and time.

Dedicate one hour a day or one day a week to dressing up, coloring, painting, dancing like no one is watching, sing at your highest, running for the hell of it, jumping in your bed, playing childhood games or with toys, and flowing down memory lane to activate this energy of joy.

Think of the childhood experiences or energies you hoped and wished for. Have you transmuted those energies into your adult life? How do you not be so serious to balance out the adult within?

Our inner child wants us to be free and happy without expectations of self and others, the complications of emotional maturity, and fear of judgement for our creative spunk!

So I hope with this information you are able to get closer to your inner child and transmute the necessary energy to increase your power.

Orisha Sevyn

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