Twin Flame

I see how you really try,

To get me to reply,

It’s cute and you kinda fly but I don’t buy.

Into temptations, putting the blunt down to focus on my situation.

In my womb, tryna get in-tune so I can birth a baby boy not tryna be rude.

I don’t really cap, I speak openly about loving you but you act like you ain’t gotta clue.

Chasing me down halls and driving me to all the scenes,

So I’m flabbergasted that you don’t know what all this means.

So I send you vivid dreams of your high school beauty Queen.

You said I’m a dream and I came true.

I’m disappointed that I believe in you more than you.

I’m only hoping you come through, so we can do what we gotta do.

In the middle of a path,

Where you either gon riff through the raft or miss out on the best thing you mishandled when you had;


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