The Bee Line or OOSM

Top of the sun beautiful ladies and gentlemen!

Clients on The Bee Line service, I sent you an audio yesterday. I need your response to this by April 1, 2022 at 9am CST.

If you do not respond, you will not have the option to transfer back to One of Sevyn’s Membership until June 1, 2022.

Please note:

The Bee Line Service clients do not receive members biweeklies.

There are no phone or FT options.

No in person or community service opportunities.

The Bee Line will be text message only until June 1, 2022 when the service expires.

To all who have responded, thank you!

To learn more about One of Sevyn’s Membership or to invest, visit below.

Here is to Moore clarity,

Orisha Sevyn

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