One of Sevyn’s Members Spotlight: Shekyel Allen

Hello all,

My next One of Sevyn’s Members Spotlight goes to Shekyel Allen: Nurse, Visionary, Landlord, and Empress energy!

Shekyel became a One of Sevyn’s Member during her first Clairvoyant Consultation. She was my second member ever to enroll and she has been confidently consistent in her belief in me since.

Over the course of our connection, I’ve learned to honor how bold and confident I am as she does. Shekyel is resilient in achieving her goals of securing a strong foundation for generational wealth and opportunity.

As a high vibrational Leo, Shekyel does not hold back on shining her confidence and courage to the world and is an inspiration for all of us. If you were to ask, she would openly share her stories through life’s challenges to inspire you to stay strong.

Her devotion and love for her son is one of the most magnetic qualities about her. She mastered her Divine Masculine energy and as One of Sevyn’s Members has made profound shifts to enhance her Divine Feminine energies.

That’s right, we have another Nurse ladies and gentlemen! One of Sevyn’s Membership is the space for the medical and Spiritual healer.

Shekyel has traveled to expand her career and is truly committed to the field. Her strong presence and calm demeanor are top tier reasons we align so well.

Since the beginning of her enrollment, she has honored her intuition and spoke openly in each session. I cannot wait to spend time this year growing closer to her in body so we can rise higher in Spirit; together.

Early congratulations are in order as she is engaged and due to marry the love of her life!

Thank you Shekyel for all your belief, support, and commitment to One of Sevyn’s Membership.

To become One of Sevyn’s, follow the link below.

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