May Moore Be Well

I slid the final puzzle piece into place and instantly the whole picture lit up.

Itโ€™s like the last seven years had formed a beautiful circle around me and I was now rising from the ashes of my consequences.

I could now see clearly why each piece had to be received and aligned when it did.

So many other pieces had to come before this final one and if only you could see the hues of yellow through the darkest corners.

In the center was the first piece which was identical to the last.

The first experience of my Spiritual awakening manifested in the last scene and I was blown away at its courage.

Seeing my inner child show up in her highest confidence so happy to see me.

When our eyes connected at the center of the puzzle, I could feel her move through the last piece which now transformed before my eyes into a key.

As I reached for the key, the puzzle disappeared.

The full circle was now back half and none of the pieces made sense.

This was new.

I now had to study each angle, curve, corner, and separate image of what could be either my story half fulfilled or my wish coming soon.

It was all in my perspective.

I had now mastered the art of jumping timelines and projecting beyond my shadow.

Courageously I stand before all of thee in honor of my gifts and fight to Divine fortune.

Here is to Moore putting it all together, gracefully.

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