BMA Week Five – September 2022 Session

Greetings all and welcome to week five of our September session!

This is our final week in the month of September and we will be wrapping up all of our long multiplication and division work for the month. 

Looking Ahead

October 2022 we are planning to explore:

  • Memorizing the 50 states and their capitals. 
  • Vocabulary and notecard practices for memory retention. 
  • Two creative arts projects.
  • Creating a powerpoint presentation. 
  • Create logins and avatars in the Adventure Academy.
  • Reading aloud and completing book reports. 
  • Body positivity, self esteem, and confidence development.
  • The weather and so much more!

Here is our agenda for the week of September 25th to October 1sr, 2022: 

Class session days are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week. 

Third Graders – 8am to 11am on Sunday and Monday

Sixth Graders – 12pm to 3pm on Monday and Tuesday 

Fourth Graders – 9am to 12pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

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