Day One

Healthy choices leave me so torn as I shift back to regular form.

No longer will I perform in spaces that feel foreign to my norm.

Jasmine is only a Rose without a thorn so it’s best to never leave a lover scorned.

But based on how I use to perform, I could careless about the bridges I damaged and the truths I left unborn.

These days I choose to perform in a manner that surprises even I.

With my spirit fingers I can make what you thought we had disappear and in delusion you stay confined.

Not often does my heart pay for the crimes but the times it does, I pain.

Healing from things I wished weren’t true but there’s no need for me to cast shame.

I said what I said and meant it.

Clearly you felt the same.

Toxic love story turned tragedy because all we did was play games.

And here I was thinking I was the only Magician; caught in the same generational curse as to our intuition we didn’t listen.

Today I realized I no longer feel the same because I don’t know who you are.

Who you used to be is just a memory and the pain from the stories across the oceans still feel like rain.

Overflowing through the holes of the insecurities keeping me in disdain.

I still quiver at the thought of another ever making you feel the same.

So I release you with love to a different lane.

As I destroy all the mental notes of the unfulfilled intentions we claimed.

Wild beast transformed my impulses have been humbly tamed.

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