Smooth like water and quick like karma.

Asking for protection from my late Gemini father.

The further I go the harder I must trust.

From my inner child to my higher self, we always know what’s up.

Looking bad without the tummy tuck.

Blessed by the most high and still filled with so much luck.

Ask about me, I really don’t give a you know what.

But, let me change the subject before I upset the karmics.

Showing up shallow for being so dishonest.

Such a freaking lady so I like to keep it modest.

Known for being a Healer so I’m not disgusted by the garbage.

I mean we all have been trash,

I don’t mean to insult anyone, so forgive me if that was harsh or rash,

Where a lot of us are going there’s no need to fear a crash.

Continue to gracefully use the gas to accelerate you forward.

Moving on from the destruction of ego and it’s so much reward for it.

The present is the gift of now, so with the past, do not hoard it.

Vision board it will all other things you need to release.

Life can be as sweet as pie,

You just gotta master your own peace.

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