The unnecessary whispers, They’re judging my figure, But I would never consider, Being embarrassed and bitter. Equally I have wronged, But unmasked I remain alone. You’d rather perform for the fools who share your shame, & Please understand I am grateful I came, But the bells of deception so loudly rang, Drained from his love, His vicious fangs. So blessed to be free, From the Narcissistic games, Embodied my primal element of Air, So a Breeze I became. Continue reading 10112018


One day I literally woke up and decided things would be different in my life. I would no longer allow anything or anyone to make me feel less than because there was more for me. One day the fog hiding the facade cleared and the Universe shifted. The Wheel of Fortune cracked another code in the sequence. I started speaking myself into higher places, positions, experiences, and connections. I changed my verbiage to alter my narrative. There IS more. There IS more. There is more to intimate relationships. There is more to communication. There is more to passion. There is … Continue reading 10/11/2018


No woman could replace, The orgasmic look upon his face, From the way that I tend to place, My forbidden fruit upon his face. It’s like our bodies passionately race, To the finish line so we can taste, All of the juice our session created, He loves the way that I taste. For my ego, I don’t have to stroke, My sex game is beyond dope. & He loves the way I ride, I can give a fck about his pride, No other woman can deliver the experience, That my waterfall provides. Continue reading Cleanse


Naive I played the fool, I worked against the Spiritual rule, What you exude you attract, So excuse me if I intrude. Because by the rules I never play, Always had to have it my way, Until one day I heard loudly. The Universe whispered, ” For today you shall learn, Cosmically it is your turn, For the abundance you deserve, My child you have to earn. Because the tables have to turn, The Karmic fires no longer burn. You can now enter a new chapter of blessings; Go receive the abundance For you’ve learned.” Continue reading 10/04/2018


Releasing the past, No longer needing to spazz, Because from the last, I came back with a blast, & At last, I am free. I believe in the Divine, So I rely on their time, For a man who wants to pour into my cup, & Smell the grapes within my whine, So please believe that I’m fine, Not even trying to rhyme. Beloved continues to chisel my soul, This abundance I deserve, So drop the bullshht, & Smile at what’s mine. . . . . . . For this time, It is I; The star that shines. Continue reading Ganesha


I want to be respected, & I’d respect if you were respectfully, Handling me &, Talking to me. In a manner which, Appeals to all of my senses: & Yes baby present yourself; Tone, word choice, & diction. Posture, eye contact, smell, You get it? I love his presentation, The feeling that he’s creating, Has all of my woman parts happily elated, I’m ice skating, They hating, & The many orgasms they wish I was faking. But his pole is the best, Number 1 nonetheless, So when they ask, I say his name, A tough act to follow, Y’all should … Continue reading 10/02/2018


Intuitively, Libra, I guess that, I would be, I cannot deny the gifts the Universe designated upon me. Following the voice within, Still regularly I sin. Human, But with accountability, I still generate wins/ Beautiful, bomb, blessed, Poised & pretty… I digress. The abundance being delivered, Has my overfilling heart beating out of my chest. Hibernation; I need rest. Cycles are here to test,. Magically delicious, Bring my manifestations to fruition, I am the woman I’ve been hoping forĀ  &, Wishing. Continue reading 27