I want to be respected, & I’d respect if you were respectfully, Handling me &, Talking to me. In a manner which, Appeals to all of my senses: & Yes baby present yourself; Tone, word choice, & diction. Posture, eye contact, smell, You get it? I love his presentation, The feeling that he’s creating, Has all of my woman parts happily elated, I’m ice skating, They hating, & The many orgasms they wish I was faking. But his pole is the best, Number 1 nonetheless, So when they ask, I say his name, A tough act to follow, Y’all should … Continue reading 10/02/2018


Intuitively, Libra, I guess that, I would be, I cannot deny the gifts the Universe designated upon me. Following the voice within, Still regularly I sin. Human, But with accountability, I still generate wins/ Beautiful, bomb, blessed, Poised & pretty… I digress. The abundance being delivered, Has my overfilling heart beating out of my chest. Hibernation; I need rest. Cycles are here to test,. Magically delicious, Bring my manifestations to fruition, I am the woman I’ve been hoping forĀ  &, Wishing. Continue reading 27