Divine Angel 7

Taken 6/20/2020 I would like to reintroduce who I am, For those of you are who are new. I know my reputation precedes me, & Please believe there is so much lie within their truth. But to honor my power, I remain silent. I resort to solitude, While they become violent. While they increase their volume, I become incredibly quiet. Dedicating more time to self-care & paying attention to my diet. It was time to surrender & no longer could I fight it. So, I prepare my elegant attire, Packing my essentials & lighting a fire, To burn the candles … Continue reading Divine Angel 7


Staying in places we don’t belong Ignoring our happiness all along Makes us feel like we’re doing something wrong But resisting our truth only makes it strong. We have to free ourselves of fear Get in our feelings Watch insecurity disappear Clear all of our self confusion So the voices are near We are clear on our decisions So our divine path we can confidently steer. So focused on third dimensional material If I had to compare the two The universal guidance is a full course breakfast & Our small self fulfillments are like passing on that to eat a … Continue reading VIRGO