It sucks they’ve created this monster It’s like you’ve transformed into the imposture They said you were So yeah I’m bothered Because I thought you were a man of integrity So now I ponder, On the connection we’ve connected I’m feeling kinda disrespected To the highest I’ve been neglected So my offer of love I rescind it Continue reading

Now that I’m awake There are some things I can longer fake The heartache wasn’t fake So many can relate That when it becomes too late You stop the wait Because you would hate To take out your aggression On the karmic or your blessing So much emotions constantly suppressing So painfully painted So away I wave & I came in the cave to save you No longer can I behave boo No longer feeling enslaved to the game That you played Fool Joyfully falling off the cliff Beloved caught me & The higher I start to lift I feel … Continue reading

I do declare That I am a Lady. All of my past indiscretions Cannot be held against me I am a tamed beast Now I’ve transformed into Belle Disco Queen He rings my bell Spiritual Genie Rubbed my bottle & Out I come out of my shell The desires which light my fire Less attire Is required When the time expires On your day You can come lay Your head on my shoulder To warm you when you’re feeling colder The stronger, the more older The more triumphs The bolder The print for our journey Patience is a virtue But … Continue reading

Even through this ugly phase You are still so beautiful But just by me saying this You probably gon be so cynical But still I see the mural yo Your dark skinned tone You have this Gawdly Human Glow & I’m really being modest Your heart is beautiful But the ugly look of guilt you carry You refuse to let it go It’s just a mask Covering your appearance Say your heart is cold I finally feel the shiver Sailing away all alone Hoping one day you’re ready to come home But in our Kingdom all alone I strongly hold … Continue reading

From all the second guessing He hasn’t learned his karmic lesson Trying my hardest to respect him His journey has his mind conflicted Triggered the act of the small chicken & From this cycle I feel sickened The constant spinning, turning, and dipping Swerving outta control Release the wheel No longer Holding in our issues I can save you But I can’t pretend to Be okay with this self infliction I’m happy to uplift him But for now Nothing I can do with him Allow the Universe more time To finish sifting The storm I cannot stand Murder the boy … Continue reading

I keep forgetting this journey is about me He’ll sacrifice himself So lemme set myself free He can cut his own wrist without me & I mean this so figuratively Physically so strong and discipline But his spiritual fuel of empowerment Is smaller than this third dimensional tower of toxic shht That surrounds his Godly form Caught in temptation his heart so torn He must detach from the things he’s known so long Time to let go and swim in uncomfortable There’s no comfort in playing with my emotions & It’s triggering my insecurities I only want the best for … Continue reading

So grateful for this time To realize how divine this dimension really is So many things I feel that I can’t speak of It’s like being really excited, But still not understanding what the true meaning of Christmas is.As a kid, My dreams were always so vivid Maybe at the age of 10, From the intense feeling of pain from the past So deep the cut If touched, I can still kinda feel it But not triggered by the mention Twenty Seven Teen, I think that’s when I went missing Happy to announce I’m back and better than I was … Continue reading

Being passive is so old fashion Aggressively I demand That I am treated like a woman Grab the door and yes please, Hold my hand. We have to value the earthly presence Of a woman Of naturally feminine essence We are all so different So ask and stop guessing But if you’re intimidated by my energy Not sure whether I should be insulted Or as disgusted as I appear to be. Because I am strong from experience and exposure This huge divide in security men create between us Is kinda hard to get over Like they fear swimming in their … Continue reading