The Two Moore Energy Reading Special

Good Moorening and I hope this announcement finds you kindly. Announcement: The Two Moore Energy Reading Special 411 About the Moore Energy Reading The Moore Energy Reading explores your:  Love Energy Money Energy Career Energy Family Energy Friends Energy Chakra of … Continue reading The Two Moore Energy Reading Special

Not Like This

Who are you to judge me when your shit is no better? At least I’m courageous enough to walk my path, I adapt through the judgmental storms of any weather. So why even try to get back together? Inconsistently proving to me it’s pleather, As synchronized as the lone feather,  Maturing through my frustrations and pulling myself together; Because I promised the next time around,  I would release you once and for all and let her. Finally step into the role of false promises and lingering desires, Passionate long nights but when dawn peaks you ghostly retire, Is it only … Continue reading Not Like This

Earth Fire Air

September Twenty Sixteen I learned what Karma really means I thought that he was everything But my feelings noticed things But for my ego  I continued to suppress Staying up late Missing out on rest  The constant agony in my chest  Running from the fear of defeat Lying on the beach in extreme heat Reminiscing on the memories Wondering why he treated me so cold From the mistreatment feeling old San Diego  Turning cold When deep down I always knew On a plane I should’ve flew Back to the love I truly deserved I was running from my destiny This … Continue reading Earth Fire Air