I’m an exquisite taste, But stupid , So I use to chase, When I should’ve replaced, The face and forbid the case. Of lovers from the past, Our time didn’t last, So at last I pass, Because I was sick and tired of the crash. Which continued to happen, Reoccurring actions, But nothing happened, To my satisfaction. So I changed my reaction, Shit sometimes happens. It’s scary to think they don’t care, All along they didn’t play fair. I was Queen, Courting Jesters, Never a perfect pair. Let go of what no longer serves you; Be free but beware. Continue reading Escape


The unnecessary whispers, They’re judging my figure, But I would never consider, Being embarrassed and bitter. Equally I have wronged, But unmasked I remain alone. You’d rather perform for the fools who share your shame, & Please understand I am grateful I came, But the bells of deception so loudly rang, Drained from his love, His vicious fangs. So blessed to be free, From the Narcissistic games, Embodied my primal element of Air, So a Breeze I became. Continue reading 10112018